D.M.I.T. (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) will reveal important information about your child. DMIT technique has been developed by scientists and research experts from world renowned universities and it is based on knowledge from Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Neuroscience

  • Fablous, wonderful and many more wonderful words that beyond my imagination about the programme. Got to know much things that would definitely change my life.

    • Mr.Rahul Singhal
  • It is a wonderful experience. It is my beyond expectation. It looks that a complete picture of my life. Thanks to BRAIN AAYU.

    • Atul Gupta
    • CEO, Brain Aayu
  • Thanks to Brainaayu, as I think it is more then that.

    • Sunita Agarwal
  • Thanks Brainaayu to support me to take decision of carrier and guide me.

    • Anna Agarwal
  • Aecording to Brain aayu, I took decision for my carrier & join C.S (Company Secretary) & got success. Before test I was double minded, my friend suggested me for D.M.I.T taste again thank for Brain aayu.

    • Aayusih Singhal
  • I am B.Tech student I go through DMIT test I found I am an right track as per DMIT. Thanks to Brain aayu.

    • Shivam Gupta
  • Thanks Brain aayu to help me chosen carrier in music & dance. Before D.M.I.T test parents are not really to choose carrier as music & dance. Once again lot of thanks to brain aayu.

    • Rachna Jain

Mid-Brain Activation

Mid brain is the part of brain which has got special command over both hemisphere of brain located highest side of brain stream.

By activating or stimulating mid brain we get some balance between right and left brain which enable child to live balance life with great sensory enhancement resulting to superb concentration, speedy reading and photogenic memory

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I have already attempted IQ test on my child. How DMIA will help my child further?

IQ test exhibit very limited ability of an individual and moreover it is a paper pencil conventional psychometric test. IQ test only deals with...

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